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Kim Gert Nielsen

Unifi protect cam

UVC G3 Micro wifi issues

Oki so lately I bought a UVC-G3 Micro to play with and once connected to Unifi Protect it kept getting disconnected/re-connecting and it would only connect using 2.4Ghz. After searching about this problem I found several others having the same problem. It turns out that the camera does not support the wifi channels here in europe per default and the interface (In both Unifi Protect and on the cam has no options for it). This is how I fixed my setup using

Type Version
Controller 1.13.3
Web UI 1.20.0
UVC v4.23.7.67

Allow ssh into the camera on the cloud key

Using the same credentials as loggin into the cloud key webinterface and edit /usr/etc/unifi-protect/config.json to add the enableSsh option. Then restart the controller

# ssh -l me@example.com
Linux Example 3.18.44-ubnt-qcom #1 SMP Thu Apr 30 09:50:05 UTC 2020 aarch64

Firmware version: v1.1.13
  ______ __ .--(    ) )-.   __ __                    __
 |      |  (._____.__.___)_|  |  |__ _____ __ __   _|  |_
 |   ---|  ||  _  |  |  |  _  |    <|  -__|  |  | |_    _|
 |______|__||_____|_____|_____|__|__|_____|___  |   |__|
        (c) 2019 Ubiquiti Networks, Inc.  |_____|

      Welcome to the CloudKey Plus!
Last login: Thu Jun 25 18:00:39 2020 from

Edit /usr/etc/unifi-protect/config.json so it has the enableSsh options

  "ssl": {
    "crt": "/etc/ssl/private/cloudkey.crt",
    "key": "/etc/ssl/private/cloudkey.key"
  "backupPaths": [ "/etc/unifi-protect/backups", "/data/unifi-protect/backups" ],
  "mbToKeepFree": 32768,
  "enableSsh": true

Then restart Unifi Protect

root@Example:~# systemctl restart unifi-protect

Give a few seconds before the information is sent to the camera.

Change region on the UVC G3 Micro

Now that ssh is enabled login to the camera using ssh (default is ubnt/ubnt otherwise the device password is in the Unifi Protects interface in Settings->Advanced->Device password)

# ssh -l ubnt
ubnt@'s password:

BusyBox v1.29.2 () built-in shell (ash)

UVC.v4.23.7.67# ubnt_system_cfg write custom.region 0x80d0 && cfgmtd -w -p /etc && reboot

Now my camera connects to 5Ghz and works really well.


The region I use is for Denmark but you can find the one you need using the ar6002 firmware country codes list. A few of them are here

Regions ID
DK 0x80d0
UK 0x833a
CZ 0x80cb